Saturday, July 27, 2013 
A true Disco Diva!

About Steph...

Age: 26, exactly 1 year and 1 day younger than Matt!

Career:  Photographer and a yoga instructor. After taking a basic photography course in college, I was hooked. I love working with film, and Matt and I have recently invested in some dark room equipment. For most of my commercial work, I have been shooting digital, and I love being able to shoot and instantly have the results. In the future, I hope to take on some more clients, as well as work on my artistic portfolio. As for the yoga, I just love having the opportunity to teach others.

Favorite Things: Dates with Matt, traveling, karaoke, BBQs at the beach with our friends, taking the top off our Jeep and heading out for the weekend with no destination in mind!

Favorite Memory with Matt: The day he proposed!!!

What was Steph's childhood nickname?
Princess Stephanie

So handsome as usual!

About Matt...

Age: 27

Career: Freelance photographer and part time life guard. I actually became interested in photography after working on a couple of projects with Steph for her college course. I was currently working in another field, but found photography to be a much more relaxing and rewarding experience. I am currently doing freelance work for the local paper, and I often help Steph with her commercial projects. I have also been lifeguarding part time for over 6 years.

Favorite Things: Hanging out with Steph and our good friends, jogging, traveling, going to improv night at our local theater.

Favorite Memory with Steph: The first time we tried playing tennis together. We definitely made fools of ourselves and I am not sure the ball made it over the net the entire time. We've improved a little since:)

And of course, the day I proposed tops my list!

What was Matt's first childhood pet?
A gold fish named "Bubbles"
A hamster named "Toby"
A rabbit named "Hairy"
A siamese cat named "Zazoo"

How we met...

Steph's side of the story:

It all began in 1999 when I was in my second year of university. I was at a party with some friends when I spotted Matt from across the room. I was immediately drawn to his big smile and easy going personality and thought he was perfect! I was too nervous to go up and talk to him though, so I just admired him from afar.

After almost a whole year, out of nowhere, Matt called me! Even though we had never talked before, I knew who it was right away. We went out for a coffee 2 days later and fell in love on our first date. We knew we were meant for each other.

Now, after several years of dating, I am so excited to be getting married to him and starting our lives together as husband and wife. I can't wait!

Matt's side of the story:

I first met, or rather saw, Steph about seven years ago. We were both kind of shy at the time, but we kept seeing each other around campus from a distance for about a year. I finally decided that I had to get to know her before I missed my chance, so I asked a mutual friend for her phone number and gave her a call. We went on a date a few days after I called her and have been inseparable ever since.

Steph is my best friend and the greatest person in the whole world. And she's all mine!

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